Autonomist EP

by Iconoclast

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Free listen and download of our 2012 5 Track Debut EP 'Autonomist'


released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Iconoclast Perth, Australia

Heavy, groove based atmospheric metal from Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Iniquity
Deceiving the world to justify your own avarice,
Murdering in the wrath of the god of love,
Theft of the spoils of war; unequaled gluttony,
Raping the minds of those once free,

Fueled by a book of lies
Each conquest inflating your pride,
Boast to the slaughtered of your heavenly prize,
with the birth of your saviour,
Liberty died,

If god is the answer, why did none choose?
Easier to slit the throats of those who refuse
God’s love costs nothing, yet you've gained monopoly
There is no greater sin then the hope of autonomy,

A holy trinity sweeping the earth with rape and death,
Your disease infects more with each passing breath,
“This be our motto: In god we trust,
Oh lord God arise, scatter our enemies and make them fall,
With Christ out head and corner stone,
We’ll build our nations might”
No god would order the world to fight,
No god would take his children’s lives ,
Fueled by a book of lies,
Nothing more, than a vile iniquity.
Track Name: Oppression
We have been mislead by a higher power
Forced to live on our knees, to beg and cower 
Taught not to bite the hand that feeds
Witness the vicious rule by tyrants of society,

Brainwashed manipulation to control the population
We are all born into slavery
The eyes of authority will watch us waste away
As they sever all hope for humanity
Sworn servants of serpents to the illusion of democracy
Corrupting the minds of the free
Destroying those who refuse to believe 
Destroying those who refuse to obey

Crushed by the hands of the elite
Living in darkness, blind to their deceit
Bound to a fucking life of servitude
Raised only to speak when they tell you to.
Fuck, Oppression of the masses
Blind to the truth, we are the forgotten generation
We are the children of the end
You live your life bound by chains
and wonder why nothing has ever changed
A world overthrown and enslaved, why can’t you fucking see?
Freedom isn’t fucking free
Oppression of the masses, blind to the truth
Track Name: Dissent
Bow down before the tyrants of oppression 
Ruling this world with a state of suppression 
Through the corporate controlled media.
They fear us because we are becoming something they can not control
We will no longer exist inside their fucking walls anymore
To rebuild our government we must first destroy it. 
The time for democracy and change is here, where do you stand?
This is a call to arms, this is a fucking revolution
This world is ours and we’ll forever stand against your lies 
You are the one I despise, can’t even look me in the eyes
We are the lions of apathy and you are the mice.
You can only disturb the hive for so long before you get fucking stung
Hide away in your towers and satisfy your greed
While thousands live day to day with barely enough to eat
We will not stop until freedom is a guarantee 
Which will you choose, liberty or slavery?
This is the emancipation of the human race
Whispers of change become more irate
Did you really think that you could keep us suppressed forever?
We will awaken to your disposition
Track Name: Revolt
I am the end of a darkened era
I am the bringer of a golden age
I am the harbinger
Now is the time for us to take back the throne
Crush the crown, divulge the lies that deceive us all
For too long have we turned a blind eye 
From here on out we will not lay down and die
We will stand and fight
This is where we begin and you meet your fucking end
I don’t want to bring the world down to its knees 
I just want to see it be released
The masses awaken to treachery and truth
Subverting a nation, this is the end of a tyrants rule
Witness the uprise of the ones you thought were weak 
Within the chaos lies the end to your hypocrisy
We will not bow as a slave nation
Where do you fucking stand?
This is a revolution, this is the end of a tyrants rule
This is the only solution, this is the ruthless rise of the indomitable
So we’ll spill the blood of an unquestioned fool
This is the end of a tyrants rule
This is the revolt of the unstoppable
Track Name: Autonomist
There is no god to judge us
There is no prison that can hold our minds
To give rise to a free mankind
We must be defiant in the face of adversity
There is no one truth, no black and white in this world of grey
An equal and opposite reaction to their power play
Free from the rule of the depraved
The land of greed and home of slaves
Not a day longer will we dig our own graves
This is the rise of the free and the fight of the brave
We will overcome these dark days
Removing the veil from the eyes of the ignorant
Knowledge is power and we are omnipotent
The divided become untied
We will no longer live with one foot in the fucking grave
This is a wake up call, a message of hope to those who have been broken
Open your mind to a new world and a better life free of chains
A world free of pain
A fire of revolt sparked from nations of dissent
Burning away oppression
Erasing all trace of your iniquity
We are free, we are autonomy